Alarm and Event Options: Vista Touch Power

Alarms and events can trigger a variety of actions to communicate important information to the user of the Vista Touch Power meter.

Possible Actions

  • Show a message
  • Change display settings: background color, brightness, or pulse
  • Change a value: clear or set Relay 1 or Relay 2, reset Total Energy

Possible Sources / Inputs

When selecting possible sources / inputs, you will first select from the left hand box (Source / Input 1), and then choose an option from the right hand box (Source / Input 2). The right hand box will be disabled until a value is selected on the left.

Source / Input 1 (Select this First) Source / Input 2 (Select this Second)

L-L Voltage

L- N Voltage



Power Factor

Active Power

Apparent Power

Reactive Energy

Apparent Energy

Voltage THD

Current THD

Digital Input 1

Digital Input 2

Cloud Connection

Network Connection







Instantaneous Maximum

Instantaneous Minimum

Instantaneous Average

Total Power / Energy

Possible Triggers

A set of the following triggers will be available depending on the input selected above. Some may be grayed out depending on the input selected.

  • Greater than
  • Equal to
  • Less than
  • Between
  • ON
  • OFF
  • Outside
  • Change
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