Install Wheels on Length Measurement Devices

The following instructions apply to wheel installation for the 3602, 2300, 2401 and 2701 length measurement devices.

Parts Needed

  1. 7mm diameter shaft
  2. 10mm diameter bore (comes standard with all wheels)
  3. Plastic protection piece to use when tapping lock washer onto shaft
  4. 10mm to 4mm shaft adaptor
  5. 10mm to 7mm shaft adaptor
  6. 10mm lock washer
  7. 7mm lock washer
  8. 4mm lock washer

Installation Steps

1) Slide shaft adaptor onto shaft

2) Slide wheel over shaft adaptor

3) Place lock washer onto shaft

4) Place plastic piece on washer and tap down onto shaft with rubber mallet. Leave 1/8" gap between wheel and lock washer.

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