5505E Battery Replacement

The 5505E has a non-replaceable internal battery due to the housing being sealed to keep out dirt and debris.

We have had customers successfully change the battery in this device, but it is not an easy chore. If you are up to it, here are some helpful tips on how to do it.

  1. Remove the large plastic pointer from the wheel. Just use a screwdriver behind it, it will pop it off.
  2. Remove the retainer holding the wheel to the shaft. This can be difficult as these are made to go on, not off. Then remove the wheel from the shaft.
  3. Look for 5-6 holes on the back side of the orange housing. These have melted over pins in them that will have to be drilled out.
  4. Separate the orange housing to expose the internal clear housing holding the CR2032 battery.
  5. Replace the battery and reassemble. You will need superglue or hot glue to hold orange housing back together as the mechanical bond for this has now been drilled out.

Please note that there is a 3 year warranty on the battery based on the date of manufacture code shown on the silver label on the handle of the device.

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