Start Time for Replacing a 6320 Timer

  1. Press SEL and RST buttons at the same time to get into the menu. 
  2. You should see "dP PoS". This setting allows you to set an hour meter to tenths or hundredths of hours. 
    1. Press the SEL button if you do not want to change this setting.
    2. Press the RST button to set the decimal point. You should see "0000000.0". SEL changes the location of the decimal point to the tenths or hundredths. 
    3. Press the RST button when you are finished. 
  3. You should see "StArt". This setting allows you to set a starting time on an hour meter. This will come in handy if you need to replace a meter. 
    1. Press the RST button and you should see "0000000.0". 
    2. The RST button will move the cursor through the digits one at a time. 
    3. The SEL button will change the value of the blinking digit. 
    4. The RST button will move you through the last digit. 
  4. You should see ALErt 1". 
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